That Cameradojo Effect on Your Photos

  • Enhancing your capacity as a photographer by using drones from Cameradojo
  • Reviews to check out at
  • Great camera angles out of using action cameras for your photos

Tired of that usual stuff in your photography? Are you thinking of elevating your camera angles in a variety of ways? Well, you might want to use these drones at Cameradojo, and get that desired angle you’ve always wanted.


Cameradojo takes your images and videos into another level, the kind many people considered it artsy or modern or even sophisticated. And if you want that sort of effect into your images, then these drones are your tools from now on (detailed info at

Enough of producing mediocre photos and videos, and start inculcating that Cameradojo habit into your photography routine. You can start by reading tons of reviews on their website, and get to know Cameradojo in an intimate way. Dig deeper into their reviews, and eventually you will reap its benefits by choosing the right type of tools and knowing how to maneuver and use these same tools.

Cameradojo is considered an expert when it comes to drones and quadcopters, mini planes that can carry cameras with them, adding diversity to its angles. And from the looks of it, these action cameras increase that action element on your photos, making it more lifelike, more real than those usual stuff we see on our albums. These are photos that perk up our imagination right from the get-go.

So you need to visit their site right now, and equip yourself the way Cameradojo wanted you to be. Don’t just settle with the usual thing and become an ordinary photographer, you can be a wise with these reviews from Cameradojo.

At time you start producing photo and video masterpieces with Cameradojo, detailed info at

What Editors Love About Sleeklens workflows

If you do a quick search on the internet about Sleeklens or about their workflows, you’ll find a lot of folks reviewing Sleeklens workflows. They give the most honest comments about many different aspect of the downloadable workflows they find the in the package. And since there are a lot of products that you can find in each package, these editors easily fall in love with the choices that are given to them.


In this article, we’ll look into some things that people reviewing Sleeklens workflows love about the packages they get.

  1. Brushes- a lot of the reviewers have commented about this. Each workflow comes with lots of useful brushes that give the editor the ultimate powers to polish, smoothen, and clean the blemishes in each photo. It’s as delightful as having a huge set of crayons as a child, it’s beyond delightful.
  2. Presets- filters or presets can drastically change a photo. Although different people reviewing Sleeklens workflows comment that the presets may take a few tweaks here and there, they are very much able to turn average photo into a breath taking one.
  3. General look of the photos- This is a little connected to the previous entry. The ability of Sleeklens workflows to transform photos make them efficient tools for work. While taking a high quality photo is very important, workflows give the editors the power to work magic on photos.

Generally, the people reviewing Sleeklens workflows commented that they saw potential for the workflows to make editing faster and easier for editors around the world. The presets in the workflows are not overpowering. They’re also easy to use, so even editors with tens or even hundreds of photos to edit don’t have to stress over beating the deadline and passing quality output. If easy editing, and efficient work is what you’re looking for, then definitely try Sleeklens workflows.

Exporting Lightroom Presets

  • Presets for Lightroom for your photo images
  • Exporting presets, courtesy of Lightroom
  • Creating beautiful photos with the use of presets for Lightroom

One of the good things about Lightroom is that you can also export presets in the process. Come to think of it, this is something new as far as photography is concerned. If in the old days, all you can do with your photos is to enhance them (minimal though), today, however, you can even export the presets that you are using.


Lightroom export presets that quick. How fast you can make enhancements to your photos with these presets, that’s how fast, too, you can export these presets.

Lightroom is really changing the way we develop and enhance the procedure of editing and managing our photos. It is unthinkable even to do some Lightroom export presets because for so many years, there’s that perception that photography is quite limited.

That all changed when Lightroom came into the scene. You can download apps that are capable of producing photography masterpieces and export them eventually. Such is the dynamic system of Lightroom, manifested perfectly with this lightroom export presets.

Stop wasting your time in there and start exporting these presets as soon as you have developed and used them, and in that way, you spread the uniqueness of these presets. Who knows, by exporting these presets, you might be able to generate a lot of following online, and be considered one of the experts as far as using presets are concerned.

You won’t know the full extent and use of these presets until you have exported it. What a privilege, though, to have these tools for your photography. Everything is now made easy with Lightroom. In fact, every good thing that is happening in the photography scene usually comes with it, how much more if you can export presets eventually?

Reviews for Sleeklens Products

  • Sleeklens is a website for all things related to cameras
  • Reviews make good sources of ideas on what makes a good or bad product
  • Reviews give the bad and good sides of each product without bias

Sleeklens is a good website for anything related to cameras. It is a website that sells and discusses all things related to cameras and editing. If you’re fond of portrait workflow reviews, you can see more portrait workflow reviews here.


Generally, portrait workflow reviews of Sleeklens products are brief but in depth. After reading a review and see more portrait workflow reviews here, definitely click the link as they discuss the highpoints and lowpoints of each portrait workflow to help guide the customers on what workflow they should get for their photos.

These portrait workflows also discuss the performance of each workflow depending in relation to the price that it was obtained with, so you’re given an idea on whether you should or shouldn’t purchase a product.

If you see more portrait workflow reviews here, feel free to click and read the articles written by professionals about them. The pros who write the reviews are those with years of experience attached to their name, so rest assured that when a product passes their standards, it is mostly because of a very good reason.

Moreover, reviewers nowadays tend to be (painfully) honest about their reviews. Some tend to be thorough on the things they like about products but also be detailed on what they hoped to see. So if there’s one thing you should definitely read about other than social media feedback about the products, it should be the reviews.

Overall, Sleeklens is a very trust worthy website that has been on the internet for many years now. But if you’re looking into some hard cold truth on what other photographers think of such products, reviews are definitely the way to go.

Free Lightroom Presets And Brushes

  • Lightroom history
  • Lightroom presets and brushes
  • Where to download free ones

Lightroom is a combo program that was developed by the same company that made Photoshop, which is Adobe Systems Incorporated. This program is both an image post processing and image organizing software all rolled into one very useful program. Most professional photographers use it in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop to process the shots that they take. In a survey, 37% of professional photographers in America use Lightroom as their main post processing software. Lightroom has come a long way and the current version is version 6.4.


The most attractive features of this program are probably the lightroom presets and brushes which is downloadable on the internet. Since there are a lot of photographers that use this software, many of them have made their presets publicly available for download in some of the sites on the internet. These lightroom presets and brushes practically reduce the time it takes to finish processing a photo by more than half. That is how effective they are. So, if you are a photographer looking to save time, downloading presets and brushes are in your best interest. Just make sure to download the ones that are well made. Not all brushes and presets available on the internet are good and usable. So, it is up to you to discern which sites provide high quality brushes and presets.

Based on my experience though, the presets and brushes for Lightroom that I’ve downloaded from are very well made and can be used in most photos. This is because they are made by some of the best photographers all over the world. Sleeklens makes sure that all their downloadable Lightroom and Adobe resources are made by experts of the software. That to me is already a great guarantee that you are getting high quality products. If you don’t believe, why don’t you see for yourself and try downloading their stuff. I promise you won’t regret it.

What Are the Best Action Cameras of 2016?

  • Action cameras are known to be small, simple, less technical and user-friendly.
  • Action sports cameras are not like the usual, bulky and big cameras in the market.
  • What Are the Best Action Cameras of 2016?

Action cameras are known to be small, simple, less technical and user-friendly. They can capture almost everything even the most impossible subject like never before.


Action sports cameras are not like the usual, bulky and big cameras in the market. They’re designed with purpose; it can be attached to motorcycle helmets, car dashboard, surfboards and underwater gears. It is commonly used by teenagers to capture never before scenes and video extraordinary subjects.

The unique size and excellent point of view footage has made action sports camera popular. With today’s generation, an action camera, monopod stick, extra batteries and memory card is enough for an adventure. It has also been used by professional photographers to record special moments.

Action cameras are far better than regular DSLR and video cameras. They’re unique, small, easy to use and affordable.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top 4 best action cameras in the market in 2016.

TomTom Bandit

The TomTom bandit action camera is one of the best camera brands of 2016. Basically, it went up and beat GoPro in terms of features and functionality. With this kind of action camera, you’ll have a 2 in 1 package gear, one for capturing images and the other is for navigation purposes.  (See details on Johns camera blog)

GoPro Hero4 Black

Next to TomTom Bandit camera is the GoPro Hero4 Black. It’s the manufacturer’s best invention featuring a good image and video options and high-quality accessories that will help us ensure the safety of our cameras.

Sony FDR-X1000V

The Sony FDR X1000V is one of the most unique action cameras in the market because of its rectangular shaped design. It offers high-quality image results, 1080p video resolution and outstanding camera performance.

Garmin Virb XE

This is very similar to TomTom Bandit as Garmin is also known for providing accurate GPS gears. This camera will allow you to capture speed, action and give you accurate location as well.

That Wedding Experience with Adobe Lightroom

  • Cool features that make your wedding photos special via Adobe Lightroom
  • Downloadable presets you can get online for the enhancement of your photos
  • Safekeeping your files through Adobe Lightroom’s storing system

Why, with all the available photo apps on the web, should we consider Adobe Lightroom for our wedding photos? The answer to that lies in Adobe Lightroom’s ability to enhance your photos in a variety of ways.

But let us consider, though, some of the features that make Adobe Lightroom the ultimate tool for your wedding photos.


  • They come free of charge – Make no mistake about it, you can get Adobe Lightroom free online. Gone are those days when you cash in every time you enhance your photo. The only thing you need to cash in right now is to locate that appropriate preset for your wedding pic, and you are on your way for a more complete enhancement of your pics.
  • They come in all forms – These Adobe Lightroom wedding presets free also come in a variety of forms and features. Since there are over 100 presets to choose from, any effect you might conceive for the enhancement of your photo is now quite possible with Adobe Lightroom.
  • They come keeping your files too – These presets have its own storing system as well, so you can properly manage your files and images, and for future use. This is quite convenient because you get to store your work in one app only, instead of saving them from an external gadget.

These three main features make these Adobe Lightroom wedding presets free more valuable than the actual taking of these photos. Your wedding event is supposed to be one of the most important events in your life, and what better way to make that event even more special than by enhancing its photos.

Get these Adobe Lightroom wedding presets free today, and start incorporating it in your wedding photos. Rest assured you will have the best wedding pics at the end of the day.

Winter Photography Tips

  • Wear sunglasses when taking pictures outdoors
  • Winter time is almost over in some countries and photographers are rushing into cities
  • You need the best tool like Adobe Lightroom to modify your images

Winter time is almost over in some countries and photographers are rushing into cities that have bulgy snows to take the best winter shots. It really doesn’t matter whether they own a simple or advanced digital camera, the most important thing is that they know how to make it more stunning.


In this article, we will talk about ways and methods when taking pictures during winter season.

Wear Appropriate Winter Clothes

To have a smooth sailing and stress-free photo session, make sure to wear appropriate winter clothes, but always remember not to over-dress to avoid having excessive sweat and extremely low body temperature. Moreover, wear sunglasses when taking pictures outdoors to keep the eyes free from frying.

Keep Your DSLR on a Room Temperature

Here’s a thing, make sure that you keep your cameras in a room temperature to keep your batteries from draining. This is an important tip because most photographers tend to place their cameras under their warm and heated coat.

Always Keep Your Batteries Charged and Warm

When shooting outdoors, you know that batteries play a vital role and there is no room for drained batteries. Moreover, camera batteries drain faster in a cold and chilly temperature. So it is wise to place it under the coat or inside the camera bag.

Always Bring Necessary Camera Accessories

You don’t want to stress yourself out because you haven’t prepared all the necessary camera accessories. Before the photo shoot, make sure to check all your accessories such as tripods, extra batteries, lenses and other important stuff. The only way for you to enjoy your photo session in winter is to prepare things ahead.

Choose Lightroom as Your Editing Software

Lastly, when the photo shoot is done, you need the best tool like Adobe Lightroom to modify your images. With Lightroom, you can create your own snow preset or other editing tasks. If you want to know more about how to add snow in Lightroom, visit Sleeklens and other online resources.

Downloading Lightroom Presets for Windows

If you find it hard to make improvements with your pictures for your website, you need not worry anymore, there is a tool for that and it comes with Lightroom presets.


Lightroom makes things easy for you. A unique photo enhancing application where it has all the features you need to make improvements with your photo image. Its tools are easy to use any ordinary user will be able to experiment with great ease.

And you can download the said Lightroom presets for your Windows. But the questions is; how to install Lightroom presets in your computer?

Quite simple. For Lightroom 4 and 5 for your Windows, all you need to do is open Lightroom, then proceed to Edit, then choose Preferences, then Presets. After which, click on “The Box Titled: Show Lightroom Presets Folder”. Then double click “Lightroom”, double click “Develop Presets”. Immediately after clicking it, copy the said folders into “Develop Presets”. Then, restart Lightroom. After that, you are good to go.

That is how simple and easy to download these Lightroom presets in your PC. You don’t need to go out and scour for the nearest photographer in town to do the enhancing of your photo images.

So if you want to learn how to install lightroom presets, you can get more tips online. Moreover, by checking downloadable presets on Pintereset, you can find high-quality presets and other useful lightroom ideas.

You can use Lightroom at the comfort of your own home. It takes little time to download the said application, and even less when enhancing your photos.

Secrets To A Speedy Lightroom Process

LR41As much as I love the art of editing images in Photoshop, I don’t want to waste my time in modifying for hours as I also have a life to deal with. Thankfully, Adobe decided to create a post-processing tool that doesn’t require manual editing. They have developed Lightroom with a goal to help users save time in editing their images.

In this article, we will talk about some of the most effective secrets to a speedy Lightroom editing process to help you save time in modifying your images.

Choose Preferred Images

Before we go the whole editing process, it is always recommended to pick the best images from the library. Hundreds of images will never be an issue in Lightroom since it has the capability to edit tons of images at once. And because we want to finish the process on time, you should allot 10-15 minutes of your time in choosing your preferred images.

Use Lightroom Presets and Effects

To help you speed up in your editing process in Lightroom, it is always suggested to use Lightroom effects and presets. Basically, the program only contains few default presets. If you are not satisfied with it, you can either create your own customized presets in Lightroom or download it for free or paid. However, you need to be very careful in downloading Lightroom free presets online since there are a lot of broken presets scattered on the web.

Create Preset Collections

Once you’re done in creating or downloading presets, the first thing you need to do is to create a collection of presets. Collections in Lightroom have a lot of benefits such as helping you save images in one folder and more. Moreover, you don’t need to look around your files to locate the presets you’ve just created or downloaded.


Three Helpful Tips For Lightroom Newbies

ss4The majority of photographers use Adobe Lightroom for their post processing tasks. Lightroom captures the attention of most users as it’s not just about photo editing, it is also a non-destructive tool which is capable of doing a lot of services such as organizing images, viewing raw and edited photos in one interface, and more. If you are new in using Lightroom, then this article is for you.

Learn To Understand the Lightroom Catalog

For beginners, Lightroom catalog is a database that contains all the important details about your images which include keywords, metadata, tags, image settings, collections and file locations. It is important that you understand the catalog before using the program. The Lightroom catalog is very important as it helps you backup and copy everything related to Lightroom.

Learn to Appreciate The Benefits of Lightroom

We all know that Lightroom has a lot of exciting features and services, however, we really don’t get to appreciate it since we are too overwhelmed by what the program offers. The main advantage of using Lightroom is that it helps you save time and effort in editing your images. With Lightroom, everything is possible; you can create your own presets, organize your images in one collection, save image settings in Lightroom catalog and add keywords.

Learn to Explore the Develop Module

Basically, the develop module in the program is the heart of Lightroom. All you need to do is with the develop module, from converting and processing raw and jpeg files, adjustment sliders, to exporting and importing images. For you to understand the program, you must learn to explore the develop module first.

However, there are still some things that you cannot do in the develop module in Lightroom, it includes creating of layers, tone and exposure adjustments, border applications, creating 3D and HDR images and photo mapping. For these features, you will need the help of Adobe Photoshop.

Generally, Lightroom can give you more than what has been discussed in this article. It is recommended that you take the time to explore the program, read some helpful Lightroom tutorials and get more free Lightroom presets online.

The art of Combining Lightroom Presets

One of the easiest ways for you to not only save time but to also create amazing photographs in Adobe Lightroom is to use Lightroom Presets. Presets are effects and image adjustments that are saved in a *.lrtemplate format that allows you to easily apply a wide range of effects onto your images thereby saving you time and making your job easier. While there are lots of amazing presets on the internet, both free and paid, there comes a time when one needs to combine two of them to get the exact look and result they are looking for.

photography techniques

Combining presets and allowing both of their individual properties to show is a huge undertaking. Which is done right could yield masterpieces but when done wrong might spell doom for your photographs. One of the ways to ensure that both of the presets that you decide to combine work in harmony is to go with two that are made for the same light conditions.

There are sports action camera presets that are made for images taken in bright light conditions while some of them are the complete opposite. Ensure that you use wither two presets that are made for bright lights or dim lights and not mix them up unless you really know what you are doing.

Another way to make them work together is to choose Lightroom presets that are made for the same function. For example, you could use two presets to help you adjust the contrasts of an image or to create two different black and white effects on a photograph. Remember to use this one sparingly because you could end up with an image that looks horrible.

If you have the time, one last way to make two Lightroom Presets work together is to adjust and readjust them til you have what you need. This is for people with the skills and the time to make meticulous and hair-pin changes to the presets they have. If you do not have the time to carefully edit both of the presets you have, go for presets that get as close to what you need as possible or get a designer to do it for you. Of course if this is the route you wish to take, you must get presets that you can edit or customize yourself.


Remember to also always get Lightroom presets whose effects you can undo in one click. Some of the images and photographs you may be working with may be expensive or you may not have their copies. Being able to undo all your changes in one click could be very handy.

Lightroom: Photographer’s Companion in Editing

LR43If you ask any photographers about which Adobe photo editing program they use, most of them will tell you that they tried almost everything; from Reader, flash, elements to photoshop. Adobe system is one of the finest companies to produce photography modification programs. In 2007, the company decided to release another photo editing tool which is intended to help professional photographers with their workload.

Photographers use adobe Photoshop more often even before lightroom was released. They find the program helpful in such a way that they can modify even the smallest pixels of an image. But the disadvantage of Photoshop is that it requires a lot of time to edit since they will modify it manually. With lightroom, everything is easier from importing, editing to exporting and printing.

Adobe lightroom has a lot of beneficial features since the photo editing program provides assistant to photographers in their editing process. Moreover, the program gives them the right set of tools to organize, edit and manage their images. Lightroom also has the capability to convert JPEG and RAW files from the camera.

In this article, we will talk about how photographers use lightroom and how the program helped them in their work. But before anything else, let’s try to understand lightroom and its feature a little bit deeper.

Overview about lightroom

Lightroom has a lot of features to offer. One of it is the ability to create customized presets or filtered images that can be applied to one or more image at once. see more here for more updates about lightroom presets.

Here are some of the reasons why photographers love lightroom:

Easy to use straightening tool

There are some photographers who don’t want to see curved and skewed lines. For them it ruins the beauty of the image. In lightroom, they can easily straighten twisted lines. In addition, this tool automatically detect skewed both vertical and horizontal lines.

Image Previews

This is one of best features of lightroom. Photographers can view both original and edited image side by side. They can distinguish obvious changes in it thus making it simple for them to make minor adjustments. With this kind of feature, photographers in all levels can save more time in processing their image.

Innovative Healing Brush Tool

Lightroom contains an advanced healing brush tool that is projected to remove unwanted spots, watermarks, dust, and other unnecessary items on the image. It can also blur the surroundings of the picture. The best part of this feature is that it can remove a person from the photo as if they were not part of the image. For some, this feature might be confusing, but for professional photographers, this feature is truly the best tool.

Lightroom 4: User’s Review

pic4Photographers experience a lot of problems in their workload every day; from editing hundreds of images to organizing their folders and collections. Basically they depend on those programs that can help them such as Adobe lightroom.

Lightroom was first released in 2007. It is created to help and assist professional photographers both in their editing and organizing process. Photographers like this program since it can help them save more time and effort in organizing their countless images resume templates for word .

Adobe lightroom’s basic controls are non-destructive; it preserves the original settings of the image from the camera. It does not destroy even if it was used a lot of times. Moreover, lightroom store images in their own library which users can organize it the way they want to arrange their files.

Among the recent versions of the program, lightroom 4 remains the best version for some since it was upgraded smoothly. The features under this version includes improved photo enhancement tools, develop modules, maps, video editor and more. All of these things were loved and appreciated by many especially the lightroom 4 presets.

The processing of images made easier with lightroom 4. It still can recover old images in the library and adjust shadows and white balance easier. In addition, among the 6 upgrades, this version delivers perfect performance in terms of creating presets and organizing collections.

In terms of white sliders and highlight exposure adjustments, lightroom can perform well in all released versions. However, lightroom version 4 has the best localized adjustment tool so far. It has the capacity to use paint in editing, and modify noise, contrast, brightness and white balance.

As an avid lightroom user, I can truly say that you can only differentiate the versions of the program if you used it from the start. You can compare the features from the first to the latest version release. In my opinion, lightroom 4 delivers the best photo enhancement and organizing feature.

Great Advantages of Lightroom Presets

aug8Lightroom presets can enhance your entire batch of photos with just a click of mouse. Using vintage Lightroom presets I can easily and simply edit my photos in an effective and efficient way and also I can enhance my photos by adding a vintage effect.

Working with Lightroom presets is one of the easiest and fastest ways to apply new looks to your images. Photographers like me are always searching for creative looks to apply to the images – to make it fantastic and awesome. With Lightroom presets can save editing commands within Adobe Lightroom. They can make your photos beautiful and gorgeous in just a click.  All of Lightroom editing tools and commands can be saved as Lightroom presets; there are no limits for creativity.

Presets can develop your photography by speeding up your workflow and even giving you unlimited flexibility. You all have the direct control over color tones, and with this Lightroom presets you can edit photos as many as you want. Also, you can definitely organize your photos inside the Lightroom.

Another best advantage of presets is that they do not destroy your original files when you’re doing editing.

Once you developed the look of your images there are no limits to recalling it again and again. When you take 200 images in your photo shooting, with professional presets it allows you to process an entire photo shooting with only one style.

Using Lightroom presets in your photos, you can get lovely and attractive looks. Even you are not professional using this presets, you can get a great and stunning photos than ever you expected.

The most advantages of Lightroom presets is that you can work for all different seasons like summer, autumn, spring, winter and etc.

Well, convince with the power of Lightroom presets? Now, get the Lightroom presets that right for you or better try pure photoshop actions for your images.

Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom?

LR1Adobe has created two of the most popular photo editing tool in the market. However, it also made confusion to a lot of people especially those who are still new in the field of image editing and photography. People would also want to know their differences, how both tools work and more. In this article, we will define and figure out the advantages of both adobe photoshop and lightroom.

All of us know that Adobe Photoshop is a tool used to improve photographs and graphic designs. While most well-known photographers know how to capture the best images, they still need something to make it more perfect and outstanding. But the question here is, which tool can help photographers save time, effort while producing high quality images? Read on and we’ll figure that one out.

Adobe Photoshop

In 1988, Thomas and John Knoll decided to build photoshop to help photographers with their photo enhancement process. Photoshop is also known to be the best graphic editor published and developed by Adobe.

Adobe Photoshop is a pixel based photo enhancement tool. It allows user to modify images freely since it comes with a lot of editing options such as pen tools, import, paths, shape layers, cropping, resizing and more.  However, it requires a lot of time and effort before having a good quality and perfect images.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is also a photo editing tool from adobe systems. It has a wonderful digital asset management since it helps professional photographers in modifying, organizing their large number of images. In addition, lightroom photo editing tool has an easy-to-use feature called lightroom presets which makes photo editing easier. You can get the best lightroom presets at infoparrots big list. It also has the ability to tag, comment, and rate images. Essentially, adobe photoshop lightroom is designed for professional photographers who need something to help them simplify their workload.

Both imaging tools works perfectly fine. It’s just that Adobe Photoshop requires more time and effort to modify images one by one, while lightroom can edit loads of images at once. Watch the video below on how to install Sleeklens lightroom presets:

How to be a Pro in Photography

Photography is an art. It is an expression of one’s self put into printed paper that then becomes an artifact. It may not include paint brushes, canvasses, pastel colors but the captured portrait is more than enough to make a statement of art of its own. Photography is being considered the newest and most modern form of art. Fact is, numerous people are already into it and in fact, some even turned into a means of living. Photography already made a mark in the art industry and has changed many people’s lives almost overnight. Photography brings a lot of good things to people. Aside from getting into a very self-satisfying hobby, people could actually make money out of it. Because of this, it is not a wonder if more and more people are aiming to become a pro in this field. Below are some tips on how to become a pro in photography.

Work with What You Have
expensive cameraA pro in photography need not have to acquire nor own an expensive camera just to get started. You should learn to work with what you have. Sometimes, it is not about the gadget, it is on how you handle or angle the subject. Learn to be flexible and adoptive on what you have. You should know how to work things out with the resources you have. This is also a good test for your initiative and creativity.

Photography Classes
For those with money, you can always take photography classes. In these classes you will learn the techniques and get some tips on how to do photography the right way. You will be handled by the experts in photography thus, definitely you will learn a lot from them. You will also be oriented with the facts about photography and even get to know the greatest photography pieces. With this, you will appreciate photography even more.

You will become a pro if you keep on practicing. Through practicing, you will learn your own technique and style in photography. You will also learn your weaknesses and practicing will help you overcome those. Practicing will help you orient yourself to the world of photography and will help you gain confidence on the said hobby.

Out of the Box
photography techniquesThere’s nothing wrong in trying something that neither is completely out of your comfort zone nor included in the many photography techniques. Doing something out of the box will help you make a mark in the industry. Pros are not scared to try something new that would further enhance the art of photography. In art, there are no rules, you just have to think of something creative and make it big.

Learning photography or becoming a pro in photography is never that hard. You just have to put your heart and soul into it. Following your instincts and thinking out of the box will definitely lead you to somewhere in this field of specialization. And in no time, you will found yourself in the pro status in photography.

Sabrina Starke

Yesterday finally been back to Metropolis to take pictures. Sabrina Starke performed there, who recently was regularly in various TV programs to be admired. Now I must honestly say her name I said nothing, but when I was the song “Do for love” heard on her myspace site yet I knew humming.

Photos are available on the website of Metropolis.


The wedding of Aagje and Richard’s already been been a while ago. Because they were married in the fall is even more hope for good, because the chance of a bit smaller. We were lucky, it was a beautiful fall day! Even the sun came rejoice. Giving autumn hues no lovely atmosphere in the photos?


Brrr … We must again gloves. But not always true, especially when you’re shooting. During the shoot out with Nathalie and Timon I initially did not realize that I had cold fingers. Until I grabbed my stuff and found that it did not work so well. The couple has performed well, despite the icy wind that came up. Fortunately we could still enjoy the warmth that brought the sun as soon as they could show themselves.

For the photos the weather was perfect.


No it’s not what my belly starts to grow, but that of Bjorna is grown in recent months. And we found that this had to be stored.

Within Temptation

Yesterday did Within Temptation’s music for the theater. On behalf was I, along with colleague Nancy, there too. It was not allowed to photograph, so I could sit back, relax and enjoy.

If I get the chance, I like to go to a performance by the band. This particular concert, I could certainly not pass up. I did not know what to expect, but had expected it would be quieter than normal. Thus began indeed. The first set she began quietly, the songs were performed semi-acoustic. Nice and relaxed in a chair we could listen to the adjusted numbers, which has been in matching projections. Very special was the duet with Anneke van Giersbergen, what have they done it nicely!

At one point the electric guitars were caught there and went public from his roof, standing understood :). After the break there was played a combination of electric or semi-acoustic, and locks them down with Ice Queen. A successful evening!

Already some years ago there was a special performance by Within Temptation on Java Island. Here I also photographed, and this picture is from there.


The last piece I had written nearly a month ago. Time flies so fast! Especially when you’re enjoying a vacation, especially in a hot place like Tenerife.

Besides enjoying the weather on the beach or by the pool, we have also made many trips. Of course the volcano El Teide, a day trip to La Gomera, and a tour with rented cars. There is plenty to do in Tenerife, if you do not want to laze in.


Recently I had a nice photo shoot with Remon and Lenie. They get married in 2009, and would like a picture of them used together for the wedding invitation. We have some locations sounded, and as a fun series was released.

Back to Work

Fellow photographer Niels Horstman sent me two pictures where I may be photographed’m working Izegrim.

Unfortunately, last weekend had computer problems, and therefore walk a bit behind in processing photos. Still does not seem to work all quite optimal; create new folders, for example, its name can not be changed.

The pictures of the Nocturnus tour leave therefore still wait for himself. Maybe this weekend.

In The Studio

Last week, I followed a workshop by Frank Doorhof. He gives workshops in model photography. Here three pictures that I’ll find myself become fun.

ktb_mg_5110.thumbnail ktb_mg_5115.thumbnail ktb_mg_5118.thumbnail

Dialogue & iO

Thursday night (13-03) iO occurred; the successor of Guano Apes. The support act was done by Dialogue. I was curious about, and I must say, great band! good stage presence, too.

ktb080313-d01.thumbnail ktb080313-io01.thumbnail